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Best Hair Stylist Austin

Do You Want to Work With the Best Hair Stylist Austin Trusts? For the Best Hair Colorist in Austin, Call Today!

Here at Hair by Tam, I am working hard to be the best hair stylist Austin residents trust. If you’re looking for the best hair colorist in Austin, try my salon! I offer color, highlights, and lowlights for my clients. When it comes to doing your hair, I do believe that it’s a good idea to stay within your natural color ranges. We can add highlights and lowlights to create dimension. Of course, if you really do want a wild color change, I’m happy to help with that, too! It’s my goal to help you walk out of my salon feeling and looking your best, whatever that may mean to you!

I offer a variety of color services such as color correction and bleaching. With color correction, I can help you turn a bad color experience into an amazing new look! Don’t try to fix your color at home, because that could end up making the situation worse. Instead, talk to me about getting back to your desired color with color correction techniques.

When you come into the salon, I’ll ask you some questions about the color you’re interested in having as well as the services you’ve had in the past. I’d like to know if you’ve had your hair lightened or bleached, so we know how porous it is and can make sure not to damage it.

We’ll focus on giving you lush, shiny hair by the end of your appointment. We’ll style it however you’d like, whether you’re interested in having an updo for an event that night or just want to have your hair blown out and styled nicely. I’m here to help you, so that you can get the perfect hair color and style!

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